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Lakshman Gollapalli, MD started out in Biomedical Engineering and went on to pursue a Master’s degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He was involved in medical imaging research during his master’s and enrolled in a PhD program. He was published in several peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Gollapalli eventually decided to integrate the basic science of Biomedical Engineering with patient care, through a career in medicine. He attended medical school at St. George’s University and completed a residency in Anesthesiology at Wayne State University. Although he loved the practice of Anesthesiology, he found his true passion in the treatment of chronic pain.

He returned to his Alma Mater and completed a fellowship in Pain Medicine at Wayne State University. He moved to Arizona to be closer to his family. He has over 10 yrs of experience in patient care with a specialization in pain management and Anesthesiology.

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